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America's Toast

We are social creatures in an era of social and physical distancing. The need to belong is stronger than ever fueled by a quarantine imposed on us all virtually overnight.

We find ourselves in a remarkably connected time, yet still apart. The celebratory 'toast' is missing from our evenings; raising our glasses in appreciation and focusing our praise on those that deserve it most at a time like this.

Whether it be health-care workers, restaurant workers, delivery drivers or grocery store employees the concept behind America's Toast is to connect us all every Friday night to rain some appreciation in our own words for everyone that is doing their part to keep our society functioning.

What does this mean to the world?

On Friday, June 12 at 7PM Pacific, while you're enjoying your favorite takeout or winding down from a crazy quarantined week, for every person that goes live @AmericasToast on Instagram, restaurant digital agency, Dreambox Creations, will donate $10 to the California Restaurant Association's relief fund, Restaurants Care, an established emergency relief fund for restaurant workers in crisis.

If your restaurant-industry non-profit would like inclusion as a potential future grant recipient, please Email us

What does this mean for restaurants?

Restaurants can participate however fits their concept best to reinject their brands into Friday-night dining, for example:

This Week's charitable partner:

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